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EC System
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EC System



Environment-friendly Elastic Packaging Material Compositions Containing Oil-modified Alkyd Resin and A Construction Method of Elastic Packaging Materials Using Them

16ddcd48b92a40a206a35d2a6a0b739b_1598862709_71.pngOverview of EC System 
1.asphalt cutting
2.primer application
3.installation of a man of merit
4.elastomeric foam

Elastic concrete joints are formed with polyurethane materials of two ingredients and special aggregate. These joints can be used immediately just through mixing the main material, hardener and aggregate at the construction site, and they have a waterproof function with adhesion with regard to strong concrete. In addition, elastic concrete is used as fillers of expansion joints to absorb impulsive loads of vehicles, and equally conveys and distributes loads to lower structures. Elastic concrete which is highly ozone-resistant, chemical-resistant and abrasion-resistant is a material which is easy to work with.

16ddcd48b92a40a206a35d2a6a0b739b_1598862765_84.pngUses of Elastic Concrete EC 
Underground road joints
For repairing concrete of highways, etc. 
For repairing concrete of harbors and waterfront 
Post-placing concrete for the block-out part of expansion joints 
For filling space
Other parts that need waterproofing or absorb shock

16ddcd48b92a40a206a35d2a6a0b739b_1598862801_07.pngInstallation of Elastic Concrete EC

  1. Application of EC adhesive
Mix the EC adhesive and chemicals A and B sufficiently for two minutes using a drill mixer. 
Apply it sufficiently on the surface where elastic concrete will be placed using a brush, roller, etc.

 2. Installation of elastic concrete
Remove pollutants from the installation surface and mix A, B and C. 
Mixing shall be done well for about 1-2 minutes using a tool with sufficient strength to prevent overload. 
Elastic concrete shall be placed immediately on the installation surface, and placing shall be finished cleanly using tools, such as a plasterer. 
Mixed elastic concrete shall be placed carefully so as not to flow down the inclined surface.

 16ddcd48b92a40a206a35d2a6a0b739b_1598862845_79.pngPhotos of elastic concrete
     (EC) construction



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