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CLMC System
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CLMC System


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교면 포장용 조성물 및 이를 이용한 교면포장 방법

16ddcd48b92a40a206a35d2a6a0b739b_1598862709_71.pngCLMC System

1.Damaged bridge deck
2.Removal of damaged bridge deck
3.CLMC Coating

CLMC is a bridge surface pavement repair system using free mix-type concrete which was made through adding acrylic latex and natural fiber reinforcement materials to ultra-rapid hardening cement consisting of calcium sulfo-aluminate (CSA), Portland cement (OPC), anhydrous gypsum (CaSO4) and other functional admixtures. For this system, materials with excellent adhesion, tensile strength, freezing and thawing resistance and waterproofness were used.


16ddcd48b92a40a206a35d2a6a0b739b_1598862765_84.pngUsage of CLMC System
1. New bridge pavement
2. Roads in the port where there is a lot of risk of salt damage
3. Underpass pavement covering
4. Slab and pavement repair of existing bridge

16ddcd48b92a40a206a35d2a6a0b739b_1598862801_07.pngFeateres of CLMC System

1.Excellent durability after paving the bridge surface, so it has a long lifespan and is economical
2.Early strength development (compression strength of 21 MPa or more for 4 hours) enables early traffic opening.
3.By adding natural fiber reinforcement, it prevents cracks during construction and has excellent tensile strength.
4.High adhesion strength, impact, abrasion, freeze-thaw resistance, and excellent chemical resistance.
5.Good fluidity, good flatness and workability, and good workability.

 16ddcd48b92a40a206a35d2a6a0b739b_1598862845_79.pngBenefit of CLMC System

1. Increased durability with excellent bridge pavement

2. Advancement of surface packaging method

3. Extend the life of the bridge

4. Continuous maintenance of the flatness of the bridge

5. Reduce cost and increase user convenience by reducing maintenance frequency


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