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ARP system
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ARP system


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알칼리 회복방청 및 무기계 폴리머 몰탈 조성물을 이용한

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16ddcd48b92a40a206a35d2a6a0b739b_1598863411_52.pngOverview of ARP System 


1.Prom Cement :Repair of emergency parts / index super-speed light cement

2.Raphah down :reinforced rust-removing rust-proofing agent

3.Raphah Cote :erection inhibitor coated anti-corrosion agent

4.Raphah cure :alkali recovery permeable antiseptic

5.Halikaltai :reinforcement agent

6.Raphahboard :water soluble adhesive high strength molten adhesive

7.Raphahcon :inorganic polymer molten for one-component section recovery

8.Raphahgard :antioxidant/anti-inflammatory surface protection surface treatment material


    The New Raphah System is dedicated to the repair and reinforcement of deteriorated concrete based on fundamental curing principles. This inorganic repair & reinforcement system has innovatively improved constructability and economic efficiency through curing basic principles with chemical and physical solutions, in order to repair and reinforce concrete structures deteriorated due to neutralization, salt damage, chemical corrosion, frost damage and the alkali-aggregate reaction.


     The New Raphah System is a method for repairing and reinforcing concrete with chemical solutions for alkaline recovery from the inside of concrete and control of the activity of chlorine ions existing in concrete in order to improve durability, not merely the simple physical repair of organic systems.  In other words, this is an inorganic repair and reinforcement method that performs re-alkaliation of neutralized concrete through applying an alkali restorer to neutralized concrete and, at the same time, preventing future neutralization and salt damage through strengthening vulnerable layers of the surface and applying inorganic polymer mortar.


Method for Recovering and Repairing 

Corroded Sections of Reinforcing Rods 



Repair Method for Section Recovery8d3deaec0319e7882e310304aeb436d3_1605576504_37.png


Method to Repair the Surface 

(Neutralization, Salt Damage, Whitening) 



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