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  • ARP system
  • No. 1712378 알칼리 회복방청 및 무기계 폴리머 몰탈 조성물을 이용한콘크리트 구조물의 보수 보강 방법Overview of ARP System  1.Prom Cement :Repair of emergency p…
  • SM System
  • Patent No. 10-1355034Waterproof Construction Method, Waterproof Structure and Waterproofing & Anticorrosive Material Composition Th…
  • RP System
  • Patent No. 1205546고강도 무기계 폴리머몰탈 조성물 및 이를 이용한 콘크리트 보수와 보강 및 단열방법overview of RP       In the RP system, RP(Repair Pio…
  • PJS System
  • Overview of PJS System The  『PJS expansion joint water blocking system』  which can handle all behaviors of structures and has…
  • EC System
  • No.1954576Environment-friendly Elastic Packaging Material Compositions Containing Oil-modified Alkyd Resin and A Construction Method of Elastic Packag…
  • CLMC System
  • No. 2075365교면 포장용 조성물 및 이를 이용한 교면포장 방법CLMC System1.Damaged bridge deck2.Removal of damaged bridge deck3.CLMC CoatingCLMC is a bridge surface pavement …
  • ECOS System
  • Patent No. 1749226 친환경 내진보강 콘크리트 구조물의 보수 보강방법      The word ECOS from the ECOS system means eco-friendly, indicating tha…
  •  Patent No. 10-1943800Method for Manufacturing Coating Material Compositions for Protecting Metal Surfaces and Metal Structures with a Coating La…
  • RAPHAH System
  • Patent No. 0466947Concrete Repair and Reinforcement MethodOverview of Raphah System   The word ‘Raphah’ from the Raphah system means ‘t…
  • GAIA System
  • Patent No. 1712378 Polymer Mortar Composition Containing Barley Stone, an Environment-friendly System for Repairing and Reinforcing Concrete Usin…

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