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PJS System
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PJS System


16ddcd48b92a40a206a35d2a6a0b739b_1598863481_95.pngOverview of PJS System
The  『PJS expansion joint water blocking system』  which can handle all behaviors of structures and has a perfect waterproofing function was made with pure Korean technology and can be applied in various ways for road bridges, railroad bridges and civil engineering and construction structures. The expansion joints that are highly resistant to ultraviolet rays and various chemical products, can be processed and installed in arbitrary shapes, which secures the perfect waterproofing effect and greatly increases durability and usability of structures.



 Waterproof sealing materials made with pure Korean technology are ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) series and are combined with a hexagonal, low-density sealed cell structure, which secures structural safety and perfect waterproofing.

In addition, in connecting materials through heat welding, the strength of joints is equal to or greater than that of the matrix, and a good performance is displayed as well  in terms of waterproofing. The processed grooves on both sides containing glue are designed to maximize the adhesion with structures.



 As waterproof sealing materials with large compressibility are compressed with the width that is about 25% bigger than joint gaps, the behavioral properties based on joint gaps of a structure in the stationary state are as follows.





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