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MG System
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MG System


 Patent No. 10-1943800

Method for Manufacturing Coating Material Compositions for Protecting Metal Surfaces and Metal Structures with a Coating Layer for Surface Protection Using Them

16ddcd48b92a40a206a35d2a6a0b739b_1598862516_69.png Overview of MG System



2.Surface treatment/grinding work,Sandblaster

3.Metal Guard /bottom

4.Metal Guard/Medium

5.Metal Guard/top

??A metal surface treatment material containing minerals is applied to the surface of steel structures to improve waterproofness, anti-corrosion and durability of the structure. This system can be applied to structures that need to effectively maintain properties of metal structures for a long time with excellent durability, water resistance and chemical resistance.



16ddcd48b92a40a206a35d2a6a0b739b_1598862641_09.png Features of MG System

1. As the product has an excellent tensile features containing a fiber reinforcement material and a good mechanic property of matter, its long-term durability is good. 

2. Owing to polymer resin-type structural and chemical combination, the product has excellent bonding strength.  

3. Containing ceramic fiber, there is no peeling due to shrinkage or expansion following vibration and temperature changes.

4. The product is good for preventing corrosion of the surface of metal structures and occurrence of cracks. 

5. It can be stably used for the long term owing to its high impact resistance, bend resistance, acid resistance and flame resistance. 

6. Its high workability and early strength shorten the repair period. 

7. It is easily bonded even with a brush, roller and sprayer. 



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