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GAIA System
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GAIA System


Patent No. 1712378 

Polymer Mortar Composition Containing Barley Stone, an Environment-friendly System for Repairing and Reinforcing Concrete Using Construction Materials Containing It and the Above-mentioned Polymer Mortar Composition

d36fbda5a072fcd4db65da57a0ddb56e_1598923831_52.pngOverview of The GAIA System  

     The word GAIA from the GAIA system means “Earth as a living creature” and is derived from GAIA, the Greek goddess of Earth. The GAIA theory “describes the Earth as an organism where living and nonliving things interact with each other and emphasizes that this organism is regulated by living things on the planet.”  According to the theory, the Earth can create the proper physicochemical environment for all living things. 

This human-friendly polymer mortar prevents cracks caused by decreased strength, the thermal expansion coefficient, etc. which have been pointed out as problems of mortar using the existing barley stone which is good in terms of far infrared rays, deodorization and antifungal and antibacterial properties, as a material for repairing and reinforcing concrete. 

As for the existing mortar using barley stone, its functionality has been slightly enhanced by using barley stone as an admixture, but the largest feature of this invention is that the human-friendly effect was maximized by using barley stone after it was entirely replaced with fine aggregate for use. 


     The GAIA system is a new concrete repair and reinforcement system which is advantageous for living things and humans because it is environment-friendly, antibacterial and insect-repellent and it purifies the air, deodorizes and controls moisture by means of chemical solutions including recovering alkalinity from inside concrete and inhibiting activities of chlorine ions existing in concrete as well as by means of applying polymer mortar using barley stone and surface treatment materials, which enhances durability.

d36fbda5a072fcd4db65da57a0ddb56e_1598923864_33.pngFeatures of The GAIA System

  1. (1) This is a repair & reinforcement system kind to the human body and living creatures with radiant heating, air purification, deodorization, antibacterial and insect-repellent properties and moisture control using polymer mortar using barley stone and surface treatment materials.  
  2. ?(2) With this system, it is possible to effectively absorb various harmful gases in addition to formaldehyde which can be generated during work, neutralize strong alkaline cement and improve workability through emitting far infrared rays. 
  3. (3) This is an inorganic repair & reinforcement system of advanced technology, and its compressive strength and bending strength are excellent, and its workability, durability and adhesion have been maximized.
  4. (4) Far infrared rays emitted by barley stone which is contained in mortar promote the metabolism of the human body, thus fatigue recovery, sound sleep and blood circulation activation are effectively achieved.

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