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ECOS System
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ECOS System


Patent No. 1749226 

친환경 내진보강 콘크리트 구조물의 보수 보강방법


     The word ECOS from the ECOS system means eco-friendly, indicating that the system is for repairing and reinforcing deteriorated concrete with eco-friendly products through curing basic principles. This inorganic repair and reinforcement system has innovatively improved constructability and economic efficiency through utilizing basic curing principles with chemical and physical solutions using eco-friendly products, in order to repair and reinforce concrete structures deteriorated due to neutralization, salt damage, chemical corrosion, frost damage, alkali aggregate reaction, etc. 


     The word ECOS is for repairing and reinforcing concrete with chemical solutions to recover alkalinity from inside concrete and to inhibit the activities of chlorine ions existing in concrete, not simply the physical repair of organic systems that has been employed until now to improve durability. This is an inorganic repair and reinforcement system for recovering alkalinity of neutralized concrete and strengthening the weakened layer of the surface through applying an alkaline recovery agent to neutralized concrete and preventing future neutralization and salt damage through applying inorganic polymer mortar. 


 (1) Concept

     In concrete structures, the purpose of repair is to restore the current functions to their original state and to maintain them, and that of reinforcement is to achieve a new goal of enhancing the current functions beyond their original state. 

 (2) Problem of reinforcement in the ECOS system 

     When concrete structures need to be reinforced beyond the level of section restoration and repair, the goal can be achieved by using branched reinforcement materials, wire mesh, reinforcing rods, etc. 

 (2) Composition principles of ECOS system materials 

     The ECOS system is a comprehensive concrete repair & reinforcement system which chemically cures structures through using different materials according to circumstances and which physically repairs and reinforces concrete by using inorganic polymer mortar with the elastic modulus and thermal expansion coefficient similar to the existing concrete structure.

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