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CO | Curing Oil


Curing Oil

Curing Oil

A Concrete Membrane Curing Material

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A curing material is used to efficiently and economically cure the surface of regular concrete or packaging concrete and to prevent drying shrinkage and cracking. 



1. The product prevents drying shrinkage and cracking of concrete.

2. It progresses hydration of concrete more effectively.  

3. It improves surface strength of concrete.

4. It maintains the lowest curing temperature of concrete.

5. Its high workability reduces the construction cost and shortens 

   the construction period. 


1. For placing on the wide surface of concrete roads, runways, 

   roadways, dams, etc. 

2. Other various concrete construction work

 Quality standards

The water loss shall not exceed 0.55kg/㎡ at the surface for 72 hours according to KS F 2406. 


Depending on the temperature within 36 hours after placing, the temperature of concrete surface

41℃ or higher: 6㎡/L, 38-40℃: 7㎡/L, 26-37℃: 8㎡/L, 25℃ or lower: 9㎡/L


1. Spray immediately when finishing work is done after concrete placing. 

   (To get high adhesion, the product shall be sprayed when moisture 

    doesn’t come out from the concrete surface.)

2. There shall be no impurities on the concrete surface before spraying.

3. Use a sprayer (manual, electric) so that the product can be applied 

   on the surface slowly. 

4. The sprayer nozzle shall be at the height of 40-50㎝ from the concrete 

   surface and the product shall be sprayed from all directions. 

   At this time, the sprayer pressure shall be maintained constantly. 

5. Before spraying the curing agent, dry parts, such as the vertical or 

   reverse sides of concrete, shall be sufficiently moistened with water.

6. After using the sprayer, the curing material shall be cleaned immediately 

   using a cleaning solution (solvent or mineral spirit). 

   When it is impossible to wash the sprayer, 

   soak it in water to prevent it from drying. 


1. When the skin or eyes are stained with the curing agent, 

   wipe it off with soapy water.

2. In case of working in an enclosed workplace, keep the place well ventilated. 

3. Wear goggles while using the sprayer. 

 Packaging &


20kg/barrel, 200L/DRUM. 

The product can be kept at a temperature between 4℃ and 40℃ for six months. 


 Properties and Test Results

Classification / Kind




Milky white liquid

Milky white liquid

Specific gravity



Using temperature



Moisture generation rate



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