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Liquid Hardener

Liquid Hardener

Liquid Permeable Hardener

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The product can be used if it is necessary to prevent dust from occurring and 

to increase surface strength because concrete floors of factories, 

parking lots and roads are dirty hygienically due to dust, etc.


1. The product increases abrasion resistance by raising strength of the surface. 

2. It inhibits concrete oxidation.

3. It increases durability by strengthening chemical resistance. 

4. It easily penetrates due to its highly adjustable viscosity. 

5. The dense construction surface prevents dust from occurring. 

6. The product is cheap and has high workability.



1. Places where the strength needs to be improved or occurrence of dust needs 

   to be prevented, such as floors of various factories, restaurants, warehouses, 

   parking lots, airplanes and military barracks

2. Schools, offices, hospitals, entrances of houses, stairs, platforms, parking lots, 

   garages, etc.  

3. Concrete structures of seawalls, swimming pools, jetties, etc. 

   and old and new terrazzo floors 

4. Other various places using concrete and secondary cement products 



 Compounds whose main ingredient is magnesium fluoride (MgSiF6) 






1. Remove dirt or dust completely from the concrete surface. 

2. Spray for the second time 4-6 hours after spraying for the first time. 

3. After the second spraying, spray for the third time depending on whether 

   the sprayed part can be scratched by a nail.

4. As complete reaction occurs after 5-7 days, remove impurities on the surface 

   cleanly at that time. 



1. The product is a fluoride, so be careful not to touch it with human body.

2. Level where the product is gathered using something like a brush to apply 

   the product evenly. 







 Apply the undiluted solution


 Construction Stat


Untreated Surface

Treated Surface

Water-soluble Ca(OH) (calcium hydroxide) 

turns into white CaCo (calcium carbonate) 

eluted as moisture. 

In addition the eluted porous concrete of 

Ca(OH) becomes breathable and water 

permeable and, in consequence, badly 

loses strength.

When the surface is treated with a hardener, insoluble CaF (calcium fluoride) adheres and becomes non-porous with granite-like 

crystals, improving strength and preventing 

immersion infiltration as much as possible. 

The bactericidal effect of a fluoride is very 

helpful in terms of hygiene.

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