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RDS | Raphah down


Raphah down

Raphah down

for rust-proof and removing the rust

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These days, the corrosion of reinforcement is getting more seriously because of acid rain, air pollution and usage of sea sand. 

This corroded reinforcement can cause weakness of concrete structures. 

Raphah down/RDS removes rust on the corroded reinforcement and preserves stable state by forming a film controlling the process of oxidation. 

Therefore, the RDS prevents weakness of concrete structure.


1. Excellence in removing the rust and neutralizing the oxidized rust   

2. Superior acidity-proof agent with preventing the corrosion of reinforcement

3. Unification with the existing concrete structures(increasing adhesion in the latter works) 

4. Forming a film perfectly by superior adhesion



1. for repairing exposed reinforcement of weak building structure by oxidation

2. for repairing oxidized reinforcement, H-beam, steel pile 



main ingredient : a kind of phosphoric acid  

- specific gravity : 1.23±0.05

- drying time : 1 hour~2 hours (15~30℃)

- color : colorless and transparent 






1. Remove foreign substances, such as oil and fat powder, and dirt.

2. Remove rust lumps from reinforcing rods using a sand paper, electric wire brush, 

   grinder, etc. 

3. Apply Raphah Down, an anti-rust agent for rust removal, 0.3kg per 1㎡ once or twice 

   on corroded parts of reinforcing rods using a brush, sprayer, etc., in order to reduce 

   oxidized rust to black rust and maintain a stable state.  

4. The reaction finishes in five hours, so follow-up operation can be taken after then.



1. As the product is water-soluble, it shall not be kept at temperatures below zero. 

2. While working, be sure to wear protective equipment, such as masks, goggles and gloves. 

3. The product is aqueous and is washed off when exposed, so construction surfaces 

   shall be protected from rain, or the follow-up operation shall be taken within seven days.






 Test Item

Test Item


Test method

salt spray test (5%Nacl, 72hr)

There shall be no rust or swelling 

KS D 9502-’09

specific gravity


KS A 0601-’16

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