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Raphah guard

Raphah guard

A Resin-type Waterproof Corrosion-resistant Material Containing Ceramic Metals

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This surface treatment material for finishing inside and outside of concrete is good in terms 

of bonding strength, neutralization resistance and chlorine ion penetration resistance,

so it is used as a clothing material for preventing neutralization and salt damage. 


1. The product is a resin-type waterproof corrosion-resistant material containing 

   ceramic metals.

2. Excellent desquamating resistance caused by vibration and temperature. 

3. Excellent adhesion as ceramic metal content

4. Excellent chemical and weather proofing

5. Excellent neutralization-resistance, five times more than Portland Cement 


6. Excellent cohesion force, so easy to use with brush, roller or spray



1. Repair cracks of concrete

2. Treat the surface chemical resistance coat for a neutralization and chloridization 

   of concrete

3. A finishing material for treating surfaces of various concrete structures 

4. For waterproofing concrete structures

5. For steel coating

6. For exterior wall finishing


 A property 

 of matter

 Ceramic metal type



1. Primer ? main material : hardener = 11 : 3.5 = 14.5kg/set, 0.1-0.2kg/㎡ used

2. Main application - main material: hardener 

   = 20 : 4   = 24kg/set,   0.4-0.8kg//㎡ used

3. Top coating material - main material : hardener = 15 : 3   

   = 18kg/set,   0.1-0.2kg/㎡ used



 1. Surface treatment

(1) Remove dirt, laitance, etc. attached to construction surface in order to improve 


(2) Remove unconsolidated sand and other impurities using a shoehorn, wire brush,

    sand paper, grinder, etc.

(3) As oil and fat powder significantly reduces the adhesion, these shall 

   be completely removed with an organic solvent.

(4) Parts where concrete has deteriorated badly shall be repaired using repair mortar.

2. Mixing

(1) As for primer, main application and the top coating materials, the hardener 

  shall be put in the main material according to the mixing proportion and mix well. 

(2) The materials shall be mixed sufficiently using a drill mixer.


3. Application

(1) It is possible to use a brush, roller and spray. 

(2) When the application surface is hardened enough at least six hours after primer 

   application, main application shall be proceeded. The top coating material shall 

   be applied in the same way thereafter. 

(3) Be careful because hardening and intensity development are slow when the air 

   temperature is below 5℃.

3. Curing

The applied area can be used after curing for two days after application at room 

temperature, but it can be used after curing for three days after application when 

the temperature is 10℃ or below.



1. The lowest construction temperature shall be +5℃ or higher.

2. The highest construction temperature shall be +35℃.



 Primer: 14.5kg/set, main application: 24kg/set, top coating :18kg/set




 Apply the undiluted solution







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