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Informer- Insulation Form

Informer IF

Insulation Foam

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This foams the cement and controls the temperature and humidity and enhances 

the performance of structures and has improved the method of construction.


1. It is super lightweight with less than 20% of the weight of general mortar 

   and has good absorption and sound insulation.

2. Crack prevention: No cracking due to the uniform formation of bubble 


3. Insulation, heat storage and heat retention : The insulation effect is great 

   by blocking the penetration of external air from the outside by generating 

   uniform air bubbles and blocking the temperature change inside.

4. Economical and workability:  It can be constructed by mixing a small 

   amount of cement and a very small amount of Informer (IF), and it is 

   economical because it reduces labor, material and construction costs 

   as high-rise buildings can be mechanically transported.



1. for the heat isolating of the apartment and the house

2. for filling, heat insulation, heat isolating, and shock absorption

3. for setting up the sound proof wall, for the foundation of machinery 

   (absorption of vibrations), for filling the box of the underground tunnel



Informer (IF) 0.5-1% of cement 280-400㎏ per1㎥

1㎥ = water 200L + cement 320KG + bubbles 750L



Component: compound of DODECYL BENZENE(mineral)

Color: dark brown, liquid type

Specific gravity : 1.03 ±0.05 

PH : 6.5 

CPS: 300-400



1. Dilute Informer (IF) in water.

2. Mix with cement and pour for about 3-5 minutes.

3. The specified blender and pump car should be used.

4. It is possible to use mortar and is mainly applied to the production of 

   secondary lightweight concrete 






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