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Soilcon - Soil Concrete additive

Soilcon SC

Ground covering material, soil hardener

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Since it is necessary to  have stability of soil and ground when conducting 

eco-friendly ground covering, soil and ground construction, we have sought 

improve convenience in construction and devise an eco-friendly soil hardener.


1. It achieves target strength in small amount and has excellent performance.

2. It is environment-friendly because it consists of pollutant-free materials.

3. It is economical and has excellent workability for it uses the on-site soil.

4. It is environment-friendly because it maintains the natural color of the soil.

5. It maintains stability for a long time. 

6. It is possible to grow plants since it features pollution-free and proper strength.

7. It is possible to grow plants since it features pollution-free and proper strength.

8. It can be used in various fields by adjusting the amount of cement.



1. Eco-friendly use : playgrounds, cultural properties, parks, pavements of trails

2. Civil engineering use : temporary roads, improvement of grounds, golf courses, 

                             roads, inclined planes (cutting area), hardening and 

                             stability of soft ground

3. Secondary use of this product : red clay blocks, bricks, seawall blocks, blocks

                             for vegetation




1. . properties – dark brown liquid

2. PH - 7 (neutral)



Use 1-2kg, per 1㎥ of soil 



  1. Covering road

(1) Check the surface smoothness and condition of substratum with a machine.   

     Check if there is any drainage or sponge phenomenon 

     (substratum must be filled with 30-40mm of mixed debris) 

(2) Check if there is any slope side or boundary stone, covering thickness 

     and breadth, status of water supply, equipment movement route


       2). voltage specification 

           (1) voltage type - 3t, 1t roller

           (2) covering thickness 5cm – 7cm, 10cm – 14cm, 20cm - 28cm  


       3). constructing order

           (1) The first stage mix – mix cement (can skip according to use) 

           (2) The second stage mix – mix soilcon with water(soilcon : water = 1 : 200)

           (3) spray after mixing cement and soil

           (4) carry out stop work  – order according to voltage specification

           (5) curing - cure with vinyl and sheet for a week 

           (6) finish

2. Amendment of soft ground and hardening construction

    : Decide construction method and equipment according to the condition 

     of the construction site.  



1. Avoid contact with human body.

2. Level the chemicals with a brush, etc., to apply evenly.



 20kg/pail, 1ton/pallet, 20kg/bag 


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