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Raphah alcure

Raphah alcure

Recover Alkalinity of Neutralized Concrete

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Concrete structures have been rapidly neutralized due to aging and effects of various environmental conditions, which has become a serious problem. 

The company has developed and supplied Raphah Alcure/ RDA according to the various required material needs, such as the economic efficiency, construction convenience, alkalinity recovery after construction, the securing of rust inhibition, water resistance, weather resistance and environment-friendliness.


1. The product is environment-friendly, inorganic and water-soluble. 

2. The product has high workability, thus applying it once or twice using a brush, roller or sprayer will be sufficient. 

3. After construction, alkalinity is recovered even to the inside of neutralized concrete structures through penetration and diffusion of ions to regenerate aged concrete.

4. As chemical resistance is secured, corrosion of reinforcing rods is prevented, and weather resistance is excellent. 

5. After construction, adhesion is improved during mortar operation, and the compressive strength also gets higher due to density increase caused by silicate particle penetration.



1. Recovery of alkalinity of various neutralized concrete structures 

2. Recovery of alkalinity of various concrete structures 

3. For preventing salt damage and neutralization of various concrete structures and improving their weather resistance 



Main ingredients: Inorganic ionic substances (lithium nitrite/silane compound)

pH : 13±0.05

Specific gravity: 1.03±0.05

Property and color: 1.05±0.5

Property and color: Light yellow transparent


 Amount used




1. Remove rust, water, oil, laitance, etc. 

2. Evenly apply penetration-type alkali recovery agent Raphah Alcure 0.3kg for every 1㎡ once or twice around reinforcing rods and neutralized old concrete parts using a roller, sprayer, etc. 

3. Better penetration effects can be obtained through applying the product on dry surfaces. Penetration due to strong alkali, ion diffusion and nitrite ions fix chlorine ions accelerating neutralization, recovering alkalinity of concrete.  

4. The product can be used as an anti-rust agent according to conditions of construction sites. As this product is water-soluble, tools shall be washed with water after use.



1. Don’t use the product in temperatures below zero.

2. Keep the product at temperatures above zero.



 20 kg/barrel. The product can be stored at temperatures above zero for six months.



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KS M 0011-’13

Specific gravity (hydrometer method) 


KS A 0601-’16

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