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One Ingredient-type Inorganic Concrete Repair Reinforcement Polymer Mortar

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Raphahcon CR, inorganic polymer mortar using water-soluble polymer, 

is mortar for concrete section recovery and repair reinforcement. 

As a one ingredient-type mortar, the product can be used after being added 

with just water. 

In addition, spraying is easy with it, so it is suitable for large-scale repair 

and has excellent workability and economic efficiency.


1. The product is highly strong, causes little cracking, and has high workability 

   because it is a one ingredient-type mortar that can be used after being mixed 

   with just water. 

2. It is economical due to its low rebound rate of 5% and is highly durable 

   because it is an inorganic mortar like concrete.  

3. The product is highly adhesive, anti-rust, neutralization-resistant, 

   chemical-resistant and chlorine ion penetration-resistant.



For recovering sections of various concrete structures requiring high-strength 

compressive strength, such as civil engineering structures, building structures, 

maritime structures and special structures  


 A property of 


 One ingredient-type inorganic gray polymer mortar powder


 Kinds and 

 amount used

  1.  CR : 2,000kg/㎥(For regular neutralization/salt damage repair) 

  2. CR2 : 2,000kg/㎥(For high strength neutralization salt damage repair) 

  3. CR3 : 2,500kg/㎥(For radioactive shielding repair) 

  4. CR4 : 1,200-1,800kg/㎥(For lightweight repair)

  5. CR5 : 2,000kg/㎥ (For ultra-rapid hardening repair) 

  6. CR6 : 2,000kg/㎥ (For color hardener floor repair)

  7. CR7 : 2,000kg/㎥ (For underwater repair) 

  8. CR8 : 2,000kg/㎥ (For grouting repair)

  9. CR9 : 2,000kg/㎥ (For acid-resistant repair) 

 10. CR10 : 2,000kg/㎥(For Antibacterial repair) 

 11. RM : 2,000kg/㎥(For fireproof repair) 



  It is possible to do hand plastering and spraying (mechanization).

1. For over 5cm repair, if bending and tensile strength reinforcement are necessary, 

   place reinforcing rods, wire meshes, etc. and then proceed to the next process.

2. Put the correct amount of water (clean fresh water) into the mixer in the weight 

   rate of Raphahcon : water = 100 : 15~18 and mix them for three minutes or more 

   while slowly putting in Raphahcon.  (if there is no mixer, use a hand drill mixer)

3. After mixing, place the product immediately on the construction surface using 

   a trowel or sprayer. 

4. For raising the thickness, do spraying and plastering with 0.5-1cm during the 

   first placing, 2-5cm during the second and third placing, and finish with 

   0.5-1cm during the final placing.  

   (Good adhesion and plastering can be gotten through doing primer/main 

   placing thinly and re-placing thickly.)

5. In direct sunlight or during summer, cover it with curing cloth or spray the 

   curing agent immediately after placing.

6. The lowest construction temperature shall be 5℃, and the smallest 

   construction thickness shall be 5mm.



1. Until the applied parts get dried, they shall be protected from rain or snow. 

2. While working, be sure to wear protective equipment, such as masks, 

  goggles and gloves.  

3. Be careful about curing at temperatures of 5℃ or lower.



 25 kg/bag. The product can be stored in dry places for six months


 Test Results 

Test Item


Test Result

Test Method

Test / Inspection


Compressive strength



KS F 4042-'12

NLT 20.0

Flexural strength



NLT 6.0

Bonding strength

Standard terms



NLT 1.0

After warm and 

cold repetition



NLT 1.0

Chlorine ion penetration resistance



NMT 1000



Terms of use

1.Spray air pressure: 57kg/㎤

2. Pump pressure: 15±5bar

3. Working distance: Horizontal distance/200m, vertical distance/100m

4. Spray distance: 3050cm


1. The product has excellent workability and is suitable for large section recovery.

2. As there are a small number of pores and it is possible to get dense structure, durability of the product is good.

3. The product is especially effective for bonding ceilings and slabs.

4. It is more economical than hand plastering because its rebound rate is lower.

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