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MG | Metal Guard


Metal Guard

Metal Guard

A Metal Surface Treatment Agent Containing Ceramic Fiber

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As a coating treatment agent for protecting the metal surface, this product is highly water-resistant, corrosion-resistant and chemical-resistant, and its excellent bonding strength can effectively prevent deterioration of the matter property of metal structures for a long time. 


1. As the product has an excellent tensile features containing a fiber reinforcement material and a good mechanic property of matter, its long-term durability is good. 

2. Owing to polymer resin-type structural and chemical combination, the product has excellent bonding strength.  

3. Containing ceramic fiber, there is no peeling due to shrinkage or expansion following vibration and temperature changes.

4. The product is good for preventing corrosion of the surface of metal structures and occurrence of cracks. 

5. It can be stably used for the long term owing to its high impact resistance, bend resistance, acid resistance and flame resistance. 

6. Its high workability and early strength shorten the repair period. 

7. It is easily bonded even with a brush, roller and sprayer. 



1. For coating steel of bridges, overpasses, vehicle firewalls, tunnels, underpasses, etc. 

2. For surface coating to prevent corrosion of metal of lighthouses, harbor structures, etc. 

3. For painting metals in water and sewage facilities – water-resistant, corrosion-resistant, chemical-resistant 

4. For painting metal structures in wastewater treatment facilities

5. For preventing corrosion of plant facilities, various storage facilities, machinery and non-ferrous metal structures 

6. For painting steel of metal structures, such as factories, stadiums, building rooftops, etc. 


 A property of matter

 Polymer resin type containing ceramic fiber and metals 


 Amount used

Use the product 0.7kg per 1㎡. The top coating can be omitted depending on steel structures. 

1. Primer (MG-PR) – main material : hardener = 14 : 3.5 = 17.5kg/set, 0.2kg/㎡ use

2. Medium coating (MG) - main material: hardener = 20 : 4 = 24kg/set, 0.3kg//㎡ use

3. Top coating (MG-TO) - main material: hardener = 12 : 4 = 16kg/set, 0.2kg//㎡ use



1. Surface Treatment

Enhance adhesion of primer through removing laitance and other pollutants attached to the surface and cleaning dust with exclusive grinding and shot blasting work.  

2. Mixing

(1) Put a hardener in the main material according to the mixing proportion of primer and medium and top coating and mix them well. 

(2) Mixing shall be done sufficiently using a drill mixer. 

3. Application

(1) Application can be done using a brush, roller and sprayer. 

(2) Construction order


Apply the specified amount of primer (0.20±0.05 kg/㎡, 0.1㎜) mixed according to the specified mixing proportion rate evenly on the bottom whose surface has been cleaned up using a brush or a roller. 

(execute the follow-up process after 12±1 hours at 25℃)

[Medium coating]

After the applied primer is hardened, mix the medium coating according to the specified mixing proportion rate, stir them using an automatic mixer, and work with an airless sprayer (can use epoxy thinner of within 10%) or pour the specified amount (0.6±0.05㎏/㎡, 0.4mm) on the bottom surface and apply it evenly using a rubber hera. 

(execute the follow-up process after 12±1 hours at 25℃)

[Top coating]

Mix the top coating according to the specified mixing proportion rate, stir them using an automatic mixer, and work with an airless sprayer (can use epoxy thinner of within 10%) or pour the specified amount (0.20±0.05㎏/㎡, 0.09mm) on the bottom surface with hardened medium coating and apply it evenly using a rubber hera. 

(3) Be careful because hardening and strength expression are slow when the air temperature is 5℃ or lower.  

4. Curing

The area applied with the product can be used after curing for two days after application at room temperature. However, when the temperature is below 10℃, it shall be used after curing for three days after application. 



- Mix according to the designated mixing ratio, stir it evenly, and use it immediately.

- The mixed paint shall be used within pot life (30 minutes at 25℃).

- As the product is flammable, the presence of fire shall be prohibited. 

- Be careful to prevent paints from touching eyes or skin. 

- Do not handle the product in closed places. (there is a danger of suffocation)

- This product shall not be mixed with other paints. 

- The lowest construction temperature shall be +5℃.

- The highest construction temperature shall be +35℃.



Primer 17.5kg/set

Medium coating 24kg/set

Top coating 16kg/set


 Mixing proportion

 Apply the undiluted solution


  ■ Metal Guard Primer (MG-PR) Test Results

Test Item



Test method

State in the container 



(Nothing Abnormal


KS M 5000 : ‘14

Hardening drying time 



Set-to-touch drying time 



Pot life 






State of dried membrances 



Non-volatile matters 



KS M ISO 3251 : ’11

Coverage rate



KS M ISO 2814 : ‘02

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