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Prompt Cement

Non-toxic,natural cement

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As natural cement produced just with special clay lime ores buried in the French Alps, the product is the world’s only natural cement with the ultra-rapid hardening property, initial high strength, non-contraction, seawater condensation and chemical-resistance features without any additives. (finished product imported)


 -The ultra-rapid hardening and non-shrinkage properties and high 

   water-tightness due to a high powder degree make the product 

   suitable for ground reinforcement, quick-setting water leakage 

   prevention, waterproofing, etc.

 -As the product is highly corrosion-resistant and chemical-resistant 

  with regard to sodium chloride, magnesium sulfate, etc., 

  and there is no separation of lime during hydration and no whitening, 

  it is good for corrosive environments, such as sewage and wastewater 

   treatment plants, cattle sheds, dairy factories and sewage tunnels.


 Waterproof, seashore and seawater, underwater, plastering bond, 

 environment-friendly construction, remodeling, sauna, salt farm floor




 1. Promptly inject cement and dry sand first according to 

   the mixing proportion and mix them using a small mixer. 

2. After mixing them sufficiently, inject water-diluted retarder 

   and mix them for over three minutes. 

3. Use of a retarder: Use a setting retarder in order to delay the 

   initial setting time.

      It is possible to use a retarder of 1% of the cement 

      weight after melting it in water completely. 

     The delay time shall be different according to the 

     temperature, and there shall be a delay of about 10~40 

     minutes at the temperature of 20℃.

     * When there are no mortar machines, a drill mixer can 

     be used. Mechanical mixing shall be done, in principle. 

4. Mixed mortar shall be placed immediately after soaking the 

   construction surface with water sufficiently. 

5. Placing can be done using a trowel or a spray. 

6. As for increasing thickness, do plastering to the thickness of 

   5~10mm during the first placing, make it 20~50mm thicker

   during the second and third placings and finish it with an

   additional 5~10mm of thickness during the final placing. 

   (The adhesion and plastering will get better through doing

   primary and main placings thinly and re-placing thickly.)

7. As the product is ultra-rapid hardening cement, the curing time 

   shall be three hours. Under direct sunlight or during the summer, 

   the construction site shall be covered with curing cloth, or a 

   curing material shall be sprayed immediately after placing.


After setting begins, no water shall be added, and re-mixing shall 

   not be done. 

- Using excessive water which causes cracking and lowers strength 

   shall be avoided, and the standard mixing proportion shall be kept. 

- Instructions shall be observed according to circumstances of 

   prepared aggregate. 

- It can be stored for over six months and shall be kept in dry 

   places just as cement is.


 25kg/bag. The product can be stored in dry places for six months.

Results of a


Evaluation Test


Test Item

Ministry of 



Korea Air Cleaning 

Association Standard

Prompt Cement


volatile organic compounds

When it is 4.0 or more, 

it shall be specified 

as a pollutant.

When it is less than 

0.1, the best rating 

is achieved 




When it is 1.25 or more, 

it shall be specified 

as a pollutant.

When it is less than 

0.03, the best rating 

is achieved. 


(Not Dectected; )

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